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Lucas' Journal

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Wednesday, September 14th, 2005
12:11 pm - lol
heh... myspace is down... just because someone made a mistake out in L.A. lol Anyways, life goes on, I was gonna post on there, but I'll do it here instead. I discovered that Tuesdays suck... class till 12 work till 6:30 class till 9pm... then homework yet... Good luck with that, this semester is going to suck a lot. Anyways, just wanted to say no halo night tonite... and I have to get back to homework.

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Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
12:06 pm - back to school
Well, now that school is back in session, I guess that it is about time that I finally start to post on this thing again. Even though I really don't have a lot to post about. This was probably one of the best summers that I ever had. I finally moved out, at least for this year... if I can financially survive I'll probably get a different apartment next year. Living with Grant is cool and all, but I think I may try it by myself... we'll see that is still 9 months away, speaking of him, rent is due tomorrow... and I bought books yesterday... wow talk about having no money... ~sigh~. Oh-well such is life. Well at least most of you know that I am still alive... I did create a myspace account... which I use about as much as I use this lol... anyone surprised? I would create a college facebook, but guess what... St. MAry's isn't part of the school listing... once again, is anyone surprised? Well, its back to homework for me... I wish it were back to grade school where prof's didn't give homework for like the first week of class.

In case anyone cared.... my schedule goes as:

7:00 - 10:30 - Work!!!
11:10 - 12:25 - AC 321 (Intermediate Accounting 1)
1:30 - 2:20 - EC 262 (Macroecomics)
2:55 - 3:45 - AC 320 (Federal Tax)

9:30 - 10:20 P313 (Astronomy Lecture)
10:45 - 12:00 LCT 375 (global Issues)
12:30 - 6:30 Work!!!
7:00 - 9:00 P313 (Astronomy Lab {Tuesday Only})

Long days... this semester is gonna be rough...

current mood: tired

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
3:58 pm - hm...
So yeah, its been a lot of work, I must say I really did enjoy my weekend off from working at Pickwick this weekend, btw thanks to Ben who was the only one to call me on Friday and wish me a happy b-day, even tho I really didn't do a whole lot with my time off, but the more and more I think about it, the more that working 2 jobs is really going to suck... but will the money be worth it, that is what I want to know, I can't tell yet cause I have only worked one week with both jobs, but an extra 500-600 bucks a month, from Pickwick, will really be nice, so yeah, we'll see how angry I get with everyone and how much harder it becomes to deal with myself. Anyways, so I moved into my apartment this weekend, thank god that is done, it was a lot of work to do that. I must say tho that I am impressed with how nice my tv is... even though I don't use it a lot, Im still glad I bought the big dumb thing, lol. I cut myself at work today, I was opening a box, with a new box cutter, I was excited, and then I sliced my thumb open... that was exciting, other than that I guess life hasnt been that interesting for me, its been more of wake up, go to work for 7 - 7.5 hours, come home, watch tv, play video games, chat on the phone, I haven't had much of a social life lately cause I have been so tired lately from working, my body is still getting used to working every day for so long. And since Marcus doesnt get off work till at least 11 - 11:30 cause he is working the big OT every night to earn a little extra money, I really don't have any desire to go and visit scott, and Matt is hanging out with Dana all the time, and that's all in winona currently... so that leaves me to hang out with myself, and Grant, which is fine with me, cause I haven't really had a loarge desire to be around other people lately, I think its just this tiredness and what not of a life change...

I think I got sun burnt yesterday, I was outside for about 5 hours last nite but it was at sunset... so I didn't think that I would get burnt at all... oh-well it isn't that bad of a burn, I can juist feel a little hear rising off of the right side of my face and my right arm, oh-well what is getting burnt one more time... sometimes I just wish that my body had the ability to tan so that I didn't have to worry about the sun all the time...

current mood: sleepy

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Sunday, June 12th, 2005
8:11 pm - Busy Busy Busy
Well, yep, life gets really busy when you allow change to come into it. ~sigh~ yep, well getting a 2nd job has really changed a lot of things, I haven't had a lot of "free time" at least not compared to when I only worked on Friday - Sunday at Pickwick... now I don't have my Monday - Thursday to do whatever, but i am making $8/hr to scan boxes into the inventory at Fastenal. Overall I like the job, it isn't hard work, a lot of lifting so maybe I can finally build some muscle tone in my arms, and loose a little weight with all the moving of boxes and carrying and exercise that is involved, but we'll have to see, lol not that i really need to loose any weight... 6'3" and 185lbs is right on target according to what I have done for research on weight. At least convert some of the fat into muscle would be a little nice, but Im not gonna complain if I don't gain/loose that much. As for social life, well it seems to be disapperaing to some extent due to this new job, but hey the money is worth it right? I had to work both jobs on Friday, Fastenal (8:30 - 3:30) and then Pickwick (4:00 - 10:30, even tho I left at 8:30 cause it was dead) but either way, last Friday kicked my ass as of work load just because I am not used to it, but it'll come eventually I think and I'll be able to tolerate all the extra work, this does mean that unfortuneately my only free day is really Saturday, but oh-well I am thinking about getting rid of working at Pickwick once school starts up and I can determine if I will be making enough money to be able to get rid of it and work only about 20 hrs at Fastenal... we'll have to see tho...

anyways Im going to head over to scotts for a little while if he's home, he may not be yet, and then I need to go to bed early tonite cause I have to work at 8 in the morning instead of 8:30 and then work until 5... its going to be a long day... but hey I'll make a little extra money tomorrow, I can't wait until I get my second paycheck, my first one will only have about 24 hours on it, so it won't be that impressive, but which will have about 110 hours on it, even tho I won't get that check until about the middle of July cause you only get paid on the 1st and the 16th and they hold your first paycheck an extra period... so it'll be awhile, but when I do get it, I'll feel really good about it lol... anyways Im out

current mood: hot

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
3:31 pm - tagged
Tagged by beloit94

1. Total number of films I own on DVD/video:

2. The last film I bought:
The Day after Tomorrow
3. Last film I watched:
Star Wars, Ep. 3... in the middle of Jeepers Creepers

4. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me:
The Day After Tomorrow
Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
The Ring
Austin Powers: Goldmember

5. Total number of books owned?
around 30

6. The last book I bought?
Robert Jordan: Crossroads of Twilight

7. The last book I read?
James Michener: The Source

8. 5 books that mean a lot to me or that I read often?
James Michener: The Source
Marian Bradley: Mists of Avalon
Stephen King: The Stand
I can't think of any others atm... maybe I'll update it later

9. Tag 5 people and have them fill this out on their ljs:
lol... or not

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3:17 pm - life changes
Well, we all have to grow up sometime, I guess my time has finally come, after avoiding it like the plague for the last 2 years. But I finally motivated myself to do something about it. So about a week ago I decided that it was better to get a 2nd job for the summer then to be bored... so I went and got myself a position at Fastenal... not only because I heard it is an excellent place to work, if you don't mind physical labor, but I can get my foot in the door and I know a couple of the higher ups in the company so I may be able to better myself because of this. Unfortunately this wasn't the exact job that I wanted but it'll do, my biggest complaint is that the warehouse isn't air conditioned lol... its gonna be freaking hot in there. But I figure for $8 an hour (with a 50 cent raise in 30 days and another 50 cent raise after 90 days) I can tolerate it. With all of this excess money I decided that it may just be time to move out of the house so I also got myself lined up to move into an apartment near the end of this month/beginning of next month. I should mention that I start tomorrow, so today is my last day of freedom, but we'll see how tomorrow goes, I'm kind of nervous about it, ~sigh~, but when am I not nervous about something that can change my life so drastically. Also I found out yesterday that the third roommate in the house Im moving into is a woman... and she is pretty hot at that, and said she may run around the house naked... :O, and no I am not joking so this is gonna be an interesting change. If you haven't guessed it, I'm moving into Grant's apartment and what used to be Marcus' apartment too, I figure I can tolerate Grant for a year, I mean hell, I put up with my family for 19 years... besides $250 a month + utilities = about $400 a month isn't so bad. I make more than that at Pickwick in one month... add that with the 2nd job and I can pay off part of my student loans, and maybe get a newer car, and some other stuff, we'll see how it goes tho I'm really excited about this part of change. Well I will probably post tomorrow about how my first day on the job went... I think it'll go fine as soon as I find my boss when I get there... working 8:30 - 3:30 everyuday is gonna make for long ass days tho, especially on Friday when I work 8:30 - 3:30 at Fastenal and 4:00 - 10:30 at Pickwick... which I am only planning on doing for the summer as of now, but we'll see... anyways, Im outta here

current mood: nervous

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
5:23 pm - Summer
Well, one week of summer gone, a lot left to go... hopefully I get that phonecall about a job interview this week. I applied for a position at Fastenal and grant can get me in there so I'm not to worried. If I do get a job there, I plan to move into his place so I can be closer to school when it starts up again and the idea of living on my own is a lot more appealing now that I lived away for the last school year. I went to see Episode 3 this last weekend. I thought it was decent. A lot better than I was expecting and they closed up most of the gaps I had, even tho I haven't seen episode 2 yet... but I still didn't feel lost, I thought I knew what was going on. It definately kicked episode 1's ass that for sure. South Park party at matts this week on wednesday, he doesnt have to work at all that day so Im gonna go over there early I think. My internet line at home is down so I won't be online that much and if so, only for short periods. Anywyas, I don't have much else to report... Im outta here.

current mood: bored

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Monday, May 16th, 2005
3:19 am - summer goals, life... it goes
So life goes on, I don't really know what else there is to say, everyone seems to be so busy I don't really know what to do. My life well is the same way, I guess it just gets busier from here. I have set my goals for this winter... its going to be interesting to see if I get any of them.

1. Get 2nd job (my biggest priority)
2. Get apartment (mainly if I suceed in #1)
3. Get in shape (probably just gonna do diet/exercise for now... maybe somethine else in the future)
4. Stop swearing, drinking so much pop, and etc.
5. New vehicle (not a priority but would be nice)

I don't really know what else, I took my DDR stuff over to Marcus/Grants and well marcus can't do it anymore... ever since he started smoking he can't play DDR worth crap... he lasted 6 songs... that used to be our warm up, so I got to play DDR all by myself for awhile. ~sigh~ I dont know... its kind of gay how ppl can pick up habits like that because it "looks cool"... which I still don't understand... but most of you know my position on smoking and what not so I won't go into that... anyways its late so I'm going to bed

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Monday, May 9th, 2005
2:36 pm - home
Well, Im home for the summer, gonna go job hunting tomorrow after my final, lol I checked out of my dorm a day early just so Ididn't have to deal with that place any more. ALl I have to do is go to my video tomorrow for my Lit class and i'm done, my prof just didn't wanna do a final so she said we had to do something that could be graded and well she made it so we have to come to the video or our grades get hurt big time lol oh-well, I can handle a video final. I had my accounting final today I missed 2 of the mult choice and problably about 10 points on the problems so I probably got an 80-85 on it, not to bad considering that was a hard class. I dont really have a lot else to say atm, just moving everything around and that if anyone wants to talk to me, just call me at home... later

current mood: energetic

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Friday, May 6th, 2005
5:05 am - finals?
Why am I still awake?

current mood: awake

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Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
5:59 pm - new shoes, new clothes
Well last weekend, I think it was Saturday, I went to JCPenny's to buy a pair of shoes cause my other ones were going bad and I had a $10 coupon so I figured what the heck I haven't been to LaX in awhile anyways so let do it. So I bought a pair of shoes, well I ran into Kyle and Marcus in the mall and Kyle was impressed by my choice in clothing for the day and he called me a "mini goth" lol i was wearing my black Sketchers, blue jeans and a black mesh shirt (with an undershirt of course) and well anyways I guess there really is no point to this entry just cause Im bored and I forgot to mention yesterday when I updated, anyways I guess it also points out that I went shopping again today, well I bought an entire new outfit... new jeans, new socks, new shirts (2x) and I guess its just kind of funny that all the new clothes I just bought (except the jeans), including my shoes are primarily white... unfortunately it set me back about $55 bucks, today and $50 on Saturday for shoes so $105 outfit... ~sigh~ I shoudln't be allowed to have money and be bored at the same time lol...
1. New Socks - $6
2. New Shirts (2x)- $20
3. New Jeans - $27
4. New Shoes - $50
5. Looking Good and Knowing It - Priceless
(Deserves a big Muck, but I couldn't resist)
anyways, Im going to Matt's house later tonite, just stopping at Ben's to see if he wants to hang out for awhile and poolcar as well as at Marcus' to pick up my XBOX cont. so we can play HALO 4 player tonite instead of the normal 3, and I have to pay the ransom on my jacket... dam you Matt lol... anyways, Im outta here, tomorrow's my free day, i don't have any class so I'll be either sleeping in, or I'll go to bed early so I can wake up early and get some stuff done... I may just sleep here, get my work done and then pack all my stuff up tomorrow so I can get outta here maybe this weekend instead of waiting till tuesday when I am supposed to check out, maybe i can con the RA's into letting me out early... anyways, till next time...

current mood: excited

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Tuesday, May 3rd, 2005
10:31 am - what to do, what to do?
I've just been thinking about how I don't really know if I want to move home for the summer, but I suppose I may have to for a little while. It comes down to one of these two options.

1. Move home, get a 2nd job for over summer and pay off most of my current student loads = $13,000... Last nite I was talking to Marcus and he said I could probably get a job and Hal Leonard for $8.00 an hour... I could easily pay off a large chunk of that kind of cash.

2. Move home for most of May, and then move into an apartment, after getting a 2nd job, and paying off my loans more slowly, but having the personal freedom of not living at home.

Really both have a certain appeal but I'm kind of leaning toward #1 for the summer, or maybe most of the next school year just so I can get rid of some debt and then move into an apartment next summer or for spring semester... we'll have to see... anyways, I have class in about 10 minutes so I gotta get going

current mood: anxious

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
1:32 am - end of year?
well, its my last week of classes, well last 3 days I guess, because thursday is a study day for students before they have finals. I took Friday off from work, just cause its an excuse to be able to do something of my own on Friday instead of working. So yeah this weekend was rather uneventful, but meh, it coulda been worse. I made about $100 in tips on Friday, been awhile since Ive done that, but I was disappointed when my boss sent someone else home early... ~sigh~ I wanted to leav early as its been awhile since I did that... but oh-well I needed the money so I can't complain. It wasn't a really busy night either, but my one table left me a $25 dollar tip... woot, lol I love tables like that. Today at work was busy, I busted my ass of from 11 - 3 and that's when it finally slowed down. It's a good thing they didn't have the new waitress working today like she worked the last 2 sundays. I see in May I am splitting Sunday's with her... oh-well its a good day to learn on since your all by yourself there is no one else to rely on to do it for you. Let's see what else did I do this weekend, I went to the mall on Sunday cause I had to buy a new pair of shoes and my mom had a $10 of a $50 purchase. So I saved myself a little money and then wasted it on 2 cd's at Best Buy... oh-well I figured I hadn't boughten a cd in a long time so splurging a little wouldn't be so bad. I ended up spending Saturday night at scott's apartment in Winona cause I didn't wanna run back to LaX and my dad was pissed that I mentioned that I would be driving back to LaX a second time that nite... lol. I watched the new version of Dawn of the Dead tonite... meh it was an alright movie, nothing spectacular for a "horror" movie, but it was decent if you can handle a bloody movie. I guess this is going to be a shorter entry tonite cause Im gonna go to bed a little early tonite.

current mood: amused

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Friday, April 29th, 2005
10:04 am - ugh Friday
I don't know why, but it seems like every single Friday, I just wish never happened. But its up to me to try and make the best of it. I have to work tonite, its a normal work weekend for me this week, Friday and Sunday. I should be able to convinve them to let me out early tho tonite since I got screwed on leaving early last week, the week before that, the week before that, the week before that, etc. It's probably been about 2 months since I got to go home early from work so its about time again. Now that I said that thought it'll be so busy tonite that no one will be going home early.

I decided not to go to my 9:45 class this morning, I just woke up and just went, UGH!!! and rolled over. Its the end of the semester, all my papers on in, and we aren't doing anything in class anyways. ~sigh~ I haven't decided if I'm gonna go to my 1:30 class before I have to go home and go to work. My neighbor just beat on the wall between or rooms. Probably because I'm playing music "loud" well its like 1/20 of the total volume, I love these speakers, they are really loud even if you don't have any settings on for extra noise. Besides my neighbor can kiss mine cause he is always playing loud music at like 2 am, and we are talking you can hear it in the lounge with the door closed. He's probably the only other person that can hear this. And at least mine is musis instead of rap ~cringes~.

I took my first load of stuff home yesterday. The best part is, we still have till next wednesday for classes, and first exams next friday. So far my exam schedule is:
Friday - 8:00am - 10:00 am (American Experience)
Monday - 8:00am - 12:30pm (one class but has two exam periods)(Principles of Managerial and Financial Acct)
Tuesday - 8:00am - 10:00am (watching a movie in this one)(Dimensions of Literature)
Only three of my six classes have exams so I'm happy, would be better if they were all on Friday but you can't have everything can you? I took next friday off before I knew when my test was, there was a possibility that it woulda been from 2:00 - 4:00 pm which if that were the case I wouldn't have been able to make it to work. And I wouldn't have felt like working anyways after taking an exam. I could pick it back up, but pfft screw that lol, I don't get many fridays off so I'm taking full advantage of it. The fact that next sunday is Mother's day would be really bad placement of the holiday if I had an actual exam on Monday I have to work 4 - close, which could be 10, 11, 12, or what have you. But since its just a movie, I'll sleep through it if I have to, cause we have to be there or else we'll get docked a grade, cause the class voted to watch a movie instead of a final exam... I wish we coulda done that for all my classes, that woulda been nice.

I'm probably going to be getting another job for over the summer, the way its looking, my choices are Wal-mart (ultimate last resort), Fleet Farm (my uncle works there so it can't be that bad), or Fastenal (I know a few people that work there, wouldn't be too bad to get into that place, I guess they are pretty good about working with you for scheduling. Marcus stated that Hal Leonard is hiring but they don't like to let relatives work on the same shift, well he works from 2 - 10pm, which means if I wanted to avoid working with him it would be 3rd or 1st shifts, which I Would probably work 1st shift anyways, but the people there scare me a lot... especially cause I know some of them in rl (real life)... lol that reminded me about Ben and my discussion of pwned (a games term that means owned... well the question is how do you pronounce it... I saw "Poened" Ben says P W N E D... spelt out, well I looks it up cause I was bored, and video games is one area where I accel in)

"pwnage: Ownage. The word own is often used in the gaming world. When people type quickly, they make more typos. Pwnage is one of them, because the O is right next to the P. Eventually, the habit turned into an actual statement used.

Definition: superiority; the aquisition of more skill/ability than other things/people.

Pronunciation: POE-nidge
Example: This is total pwnage. I pwned you." (http://www.slangsite.com/slang/P.html)

The things you learn when playing MMO's everyone should do it lol. Speaking of video games, Cyan Studios is releasing Myst 5:End of Ages, which I guess is the end of the series :/. It was a great series ever since it first came out in the mid 90's but all good things must come to an end, and as long as Nintendo doesn't stop making Zelda games, I'll be happy. I'm just about done with my current Zelda game, The Minish Cap (Adventure), its difficult, but not that difficult, a great game tho. Let's see what else have I been playing lately, EQOA (MMORPG), EQ2 (MMORPG), Time Splitters 3 (FPS), NeverWinter Nights (D&D RPG), The Sims 2 (Simulation), I know its sad but frankly, I don't care, I have a good time.

My neighbors have been fighting a lot lately. It keeps me up at night. The sooner I get out of this god forsaken place they call a dorm the better. Its starting to get on my nerves a lot... should I compose a list of the things that annoy me about dorms? Probably not, but I'll touch on a few things.

1. My bed... well not that my bed at home is really good, but it beats the crap outta this thing here, I wake up with a backache so many times here its not even funny
2. My neighbors.. the ones near the end of the hall are decent, not that we talk much but they aren't so bad. Its the ones on the other side, they fight all the time (which can be heard through the walls), play loud rap music at 2 am (which can be heard through the walls)...
3. Showers... I just hate the showers here, well not so much the showers, but the fact that the people here remind me of how people act in the high school gym showers most of the time, like its a contest or something, ridiculous...

Things I like about the dorms...
1. people... well I like being around people, like Kazoo (no idea if that is how he spells it)... he's from Asia someplace but he is the coolest guy in the building. (He called a subwoofer a "woof woof" lmao) He just reminds me a lot of my friends from high school. Elisa - one of only 3 girls that I have come across that I would seriously consider dating from this campus... scary I know, but she's just awesome.

2. Food... well I know its odd, but I like the food they serve here on campus, its not bad, and it beats high school food, and WSU's food... granted it isn't home cooking, but its better than eating at like McDonalds every day... cheaper too

3. Class... well Im close to my classes, so I don't have to drive in every day, which is probably going to change for next year, I just don't want to deal with people all around me in this proximity, if I had an apartment, I'd make due, but I don't plan on doing dorms again next year.

4. Internet... its not the fastest since I am on the schools severs behind their firewalls, but hey it beats dial up lol... I'll take 60k a sec over 5k a sec anyday.

~sigh~ you know what I have been thinking about again, well I figure that since summer is coming up, we should try and have a party again, this means that I have to plan one tho lol... idk what do you guys think, let me know of any ideas you have about it, cause it would probably happen in June or July, since Aug is pretty busy with everyone going back to classes or sport camps etc. Anyways, this turned out to be a pretty lengthy journal so I think Im gonna leave it like this... almost time for lunch anyways...

current mood: listless

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Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
2:47 pm - acceptance
~sigh~ you know that feeling you get when you are finally accepted by another person, well that's how I'm feeling at the moment, and the best part... its a Girl! XD

current mood: chipper

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Tuesday, April 26th, 2005
7:26 pm - done
It's finally done, I finished that dam 10 page paper on David Copperfield, while its not my best work, I just don't really care any more. I have been working on it for the last 5 hours today, about 4 hours yesterday, and about 10 hours over the weekend, plus the few hours before I really sat down to work on it hardcore. I don't know, I'm just glad its done, I think I may have another paper to write for tomorrow, but I dont know, the sheet doesnt say anything about it, so Im going to say no, and not bother, and I'll tell my prof that I had this other paper due so she won't dock me anything for not turning it in on time if we do have a ppr due tomorrow. This means that all of my major projects for the semester are taken care of, I handed in my 5 pager for my history class, all 8 papers for artscore, this one for Dim. of Lit, but I have to finish the stupid resource portfolios yet... ugh... oh-well, I can't find my syllibus for that class so Im going to have to get a new one so that I know what to do, I think I threw it out while I was cleaning... oops :x Anyways, Im going to go enjoy the rest of my nite... later all

current mood: relieved

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Monday, April 25th, 2005
11:52 am - school
so yeah, I'm siting up on the 4th floor of st. mary's hall atm, waiting for a prof to get back so I can talk to her, I know her office hours say 12:45 but I know she gets up here before then. Well, I finished my 5 page paper last nite, it only took me a whoppin 3.25 hours, which for a 5 pager isn't to bad, but I had most of my research done already so it was just puting everything to gether, typing it out, and editing it, and doing a bibliography in CMS style... not to hard just different so that was probably the most time consuming part. That just leave my 10 page paper left to do, I've done all the research that I can do on my own, but I need more. I need some symbolism type books so I can look up the ymbolism of what I am doing. For this class, my lit class, we read David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, not a bad book, granted I am a little behind on my reading for the class, but with papers, projects, and shows for other classes its hard to get everything done and get a good nite's sleep. Speaking of sleep last nite was probably the worst nite of sleep I have ever gotten here on campus. I got back here around 4 am... yes I know its late, but i'm a nite person. I don't think I fell asleep until 6 or 7 this morning, I just couldn't get comfortable on that excuse for a bed they have in the dorms. ~sigh~ it'll all be over soon tho, with only 10 days of school left I just can't wait for it to be over. Then it's off to get another job, make some money, pay off some of my Student loans, maybe purchase a newer car, get an apartment, you know, start life on my own... for real this time. but Im about finished so I'll see you around.

current mood: bored

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Thursday, April 21st, 2005
1:15 pm - 1 of 2 problems
Well, I guess not all it lost, one of my 2 major problems that I am going through has been resolved... THANK GOD, I LOVE YOU! WOOT! :D

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, April 19th, 2005
9:02 am - ~sigh~, I only do it to myself
the semester was winding down, all my classes weren't going so bad, I got like 85% on my last Acct. exam, which is a miracle, and I didn't have class on Friday, I was so happy, I didn't work this last weekend, I was looking forward to that, and then I made the mistake... I'd rather not talk about it... it's THAT bad, but let's just say I could have ruined the rest of my life... granted I've taken steps to hopefully fix it, but let's hope to God that things go the way that they should for once,and that I wasn't too late, I swear I'm going to become my own demise... why do I do these things... How can I be so stupid... ugh... I have nothing else to say

current mood: angry

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
2:41 am - late nite
yeah, its a nother late nite, ~sigh~ go figure. But yeah, today was a much more normal day than yesterday was, bombed an acctouing quiz, that was gay, we have a test in that class on thursday, but it shouldn't be a big deal, I think im ready for it. I have to get started on my 2 larger papers so I can get them done on time for the end of the semester, which means I have to do a lot more research even tho i pretty much have it figured out what Im gonna talk about in the papers. My group goes tomorrow for or final presentation in my lit class, we talked to the prof casue we have a really big issue... even though it sounds like it would be easy and short, well we made it larger than it was... our topic was to just describe 2 different fairy tales from 2 different cultures... well when you have a 6 person group... it has to become a much larger topic than that, so we are doing the history of fairy tales and folk lore and how fairy tales play into culture and basically how they affect real life, and showing a few clips from the 2 fairy tales we are doing in depth, cinderella (which was originally chinese) and snow white, at this point we think that our presentation is going to be about 75 minutes... yes 75 minutes... by far the longest presetnation that I have ever done... but I am really looking forward to it, I think that we all know what we are talking about so it should go over well, and it'll boost my grade cause it'll be the longest presentation that any grp has done in that class.

Well onto more interesting things... my room smells like strawberries... I wish I knew why and what my room mate was doing before I got here. Also, I think Tim will be proud of me, I finally finished the Crossroads of Twilight, which while it was interesting, I am disappointed at a little cause Jordan is taking some of the main characters and bringing them together, but also pushing some of them farther apart and the end of the series is only gonna happen when everyone is together... ~sigh~ The Wheel of Time is an excellent series, but this was book 10, and the series really should finish up soon... you can only postpone the end of the world so long lol Anyways, its 3 am, I'm going to bed... nite

current mood: anxious

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